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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

How I miss my baby pt 2

Happy New Year People!!!

I didnt think my next post would be today... Infact i was starting to think my next post would never happen. I dunno what happened to my inspiration to blog or read blogs; some of the blogs i absolutely loved to read jus went dead on me (U know urselves! lol) and then i just decided to stay away and see what would happen. I see some of you are back, some really different, some gone! Oh well, such is life eh?
Egbon mi, i dnt even knw what to say... but i guess i could start with hw r u?
Afrobabe, i was starting to think something happened to you, glad you are ok.
Unwritten, hw r u? Hw's school?
As for you, Chari & Buttercup! LMAO! so u hooked up eh? lol! I can't say i'm surprised. I'm happy for you guys though...hehe! I guess Efjay are no longer the only lovers in blogville. I see you are also downing the pain pills; the my lover is across the atlantic ocean ones. Hw r u holding up?


When jaybaba said he blogged, i though he meant a real post! lol! not a one liner!


Well... a lot has happened since we last blogged. We were both in lagos over xmas, it was really nice, i did not want to come back for loads of reasons; the most obvious being the fact that Jaybaba moved to lagos (as in relocated)...
So Afrobabe to answer your question, his baby is in England and my own baby is in Lagos!
Well... i'm still here... but not for long i graduate this year so i guess i'd be ok.
School is aite. I actually like the modules i'm taking this term, so that's working out ok.

Oh, well i have an essay to finish typing so i guess that would be it for now...

Oh, btw, what you guys up to vals day? Spill...

L8r People!

'Ef babe'



Hope everyone is having a great valentine's day...

This is a dedication to everyone...especially Chari and Buttercup

Lucky - Jason Mraz ft Colbie Caillat

Still waiting to hear what people got up to this val's day.


'Ef babe'


Afrobabe said...

lol...yes oh Afro is back...not changed, not fully changed actually..

awww, u guys are now seperated so that means I wont be the only one who will be alone this winter...

*evil grin

Vals...hmmmmm might catch a movie with some girl friends...

Naijalines said...

Hey aburo mi, how are you?
We're good o. Happy new year to you.
Awwww...so Jaybabs is in naija now. Time flies...try not to be on your lonesome.

Valentines...I'd prolly be doing what Afrobabe is doing - Slumdog Millionaire most likely - just to see what the fuss is about. Don't stay in o. You'd miss Jay too much. Get with some girlfriends and have a good time. xoxoxo.

Anonymous said...

hurry up and go n join ur baby o!

Buttercup said...

awwwwwww sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs* thanx so much!

eeya..leaving him cudnt have been easy at all..thank God u r graduating this year!

how've u been? howz ur health most importantly??

eFJay said...

@ Afrobabe
Yes u wnt be the only one alone this winter! lol! So hw ws the movie? What movie did u see?

@ Naijalines
I try but i miss him sooo friggin much anyway! its annoying. So did u see slumdog? I spent the day with friends, it was fun.

@ Pink-Satin
U dnt even knw hw much i want jus do quick n go n be with him

U r welcome, hpe u liked the song. So what did u do vals day?
I'm hanging in there o even tho i miss the dude soooo muchhhh... my health is great, thnx love.

Ef babe

OluwaDee said...

o to'jo meta.

I see your boo is now in 9ja. That was me last year.
My phone card post should help you in selecting the best intl calling card.

Take care love.

eFJay said...

@ Oluwadee
ojo kan pelu! hw's service? hw's rabbi? hpe u r enjoyin married life. Thnx 4 the call card tip. x

Ef babe


Efbabe! glad to see a post from you and one from your baby. =)

Take it easy, you guys will be reunited soon.

Take care!

Buttercup said...

hey sis! what it do???

eFJay said...

thnx o! hw's the brood?

Not much o... jus there. Hw r u?

Anonymous said...

hey how r u doing oh??? you guys should come here naaa.....ahnahn!!!!!

Tairebabs said...

Efjay where r u?

Buttercup said...

just checking on u!

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Jaycee said...

eFJay...come back to blogging :)

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isha said...

Proof that you been away too long - your comment form has been spammed. Lol.

How are you both doing?

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